One of the most requested trips is now available… Shark Fishing at Night This is not a trip for those that want to get a suntan and catch a fish. It for those that don't want to use sunscreen, catch lots of sharks, which could be from 1 to 8 feet long plus. The bottom line to this trip is that there is a lot of bite action taking place. Sharks do love to feed especially at night. Our captains are well versed with this bite pattern. We call it our short ride to the fish trip!

Shark Fight
Even a small shark will give you the fight of a lifetime. The shark fishery in this area is abundant with a lot of strong hook ups to be had! This is a fish that makes long runs, acrobatically leaps out of the water, and can be seen just cruising around the perimeter of the boat. It's just a fun trip for all.

6 hours $605.00
The cost includes fuel surcharge, 15% tip for first mate, bait, tackle, rods, reels and ice for sharks. Our fish cleaners will be available to clean and bag your fish for about $.40 cents per pound. For those that don't want to keep what they catch we always practice catch and release!
All fishermen need to bring whatever they would like to eat, drink, and a Georgia state fishing license.

Few interesting things that my father taught me about sharks:
A shark's skin feels smooth when you run your hand in one direction and rough when going the other way. My father always told me that when you rubbed a live shark you were just giving it a chance to taste you. According to my father sharks can taste you through their skin. That must be why they rub up against you before they attack!

If you plan on keeping your shark I suggest asking the cleaner to save you the head. The head has a fine set of jaws, which when removed will make an interesting conversation piece. The best way to remove the jaw is not by boiling the head of the shark as they did in the movie Jaws. Boiling the head does get the meat soft making it easy to remove, but it also loosens the teeth. A set of jaws with no teeth isn't very impressive. You best bet is to take a strong piece of rope or wire and run it though your jaws. I would also try to use a can to prop open the jaws. Take you head to the nearest ant bed, drive a stake, and attach the rope or wire to the stake. This helps detour wild animals from carrying the head off. Ants do a great job of carefully removing all meat leaving you with a great open jaw with teeth exposed. Now you have a great conversation piece with teeth!

I hope that you read all of this before you take the shark's head out the old ant bed, because I almost forgot to tell you something. You aren't a true shark fishermen until you get yourself your own set of shark eyes! At least that's what my father always told me. It's a little messy, but worth the trouble. You need to remove the both eyes from the sharks head. I suggest asking your first mate to do so. Hopefully they will have a plastic zip lock bag to put them in for you. After the removal, please put your eyes on ice or else stink with rise! To get your sharks eyes you need to boil the raw eye until the meat comes off. I could suggest just pulling the meat off, which will work, but boiling is a process that also helps cure the stink! At any rate, after the eye covering is removed you will find your self with a fine set of shark eyes! All eyes are different and carry a different story, in which you the fisherman controls!

Another suggestion is to have your fish cleaner cut off the sharks fins. As a small child I will take the fins, salt them down on both sides, and just basically sun dry them. This would leave me with a fine set of shriveled shark fins in which I could parade around to all of my friends. The drying process takes the entire shark stink out.

A sharks eyelids come from the bottom not the top like us humans. My father shared with me his opinion of why the sharks has upside downward eyes lids. According to his theory most of the thrashing that a shark does when eating causes a lot of parts and pieces. The sharks style of thrashing movement causes a lot of upward current bringing with those parts and pieces. The shark only has to cover the parts of the eyes that might get hit, which is mostly likely will be the bottom half of the eye. This allows the shark to still observe what its eating!

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